Served at a gathering of friends, enjoying the long evenings complemented with great wines and lots of laughter. A mouthwatering dish where the Carbonara sauce seduces you and where the home-made pasta brings back memories of a pure Italian kitchen.
Sourced from the best olive groves, the combination of our olive oil and bread is like a poem on a plate in perfect harmony. Indulge in the Italian culture by enjoying freshly baked bread and olive oil, Italy’s liquid gold, before every meal.
When we say tomatoes, we think of Italian food, right? Reminiscent of warm summer evenings in Rome or Sicily, any dish with tomatoes is the perfect choice at all times and the essence of Italian cuisine.

Cosa mangiamo?

With ‘Graziella a casa’ we shop, cook and prepare the most delicious Italian food for you. All you have to do is order, collect and provide the dishes with the finishing touch.

Graziella a casa offers a 2- and 3-course menu and is available at a friendly neighbor price of €19,50 and €24,50 per person. Not in the mood for a menu? We also have fresh pasta and sauces!

And so our a casa adventure begins. Once upon a dish.

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There is always time to recline,
relax and rejoice in a story.
To stop and appreciate the details
that reveal the essence of life.
The simplicity and the old ways
of doing things properly.
Take your time because it is
your time after all.
Indulge in the tranquility
of a boisterous kitchen.
The crescendo of conversation
rises and falls around you.
Let the food transport you,
another bridge in the city
between friends and strangers alike.
The bicycles rush by
on their own journeys,
surely to return here.
They represent a simpler
mode of commuting
and the joy in that beautiful motion.
The beautiful tranquility
of the streets and
cooking is chaos exemplified.
Switch off and relax and be truly present,
because the past and the future
are merely the ingredients of now.
Take time to speak between mouthfuls
and appreciate a time when things
were done just a little slower
and conversation was currency.
Take time to find not just
the right ingredient but the perfect one.
Those flavours in symphony
that make time itself stop.
And the time taken to create
time-honoured recipes.
Take your time.
To create your own story.
Because it all begins in a place to call your own.
It all begins, once upon a dish.

  • Cavatelli, coda alla vaccinara, fonduta di pecorino 14

    Homemade Cavatelli pasta, oxtail ragout, Pecorino cheese fondue

  • Risotto, robiola, asparagi e morelle 18

    Carnaroli rice, Robiola cheese, asparagus, morel mushrooms

  • Agnolotti, piselli, speck e tartufo estivo 16

    Homemade Agnolotti filled with green peas, speck, summer truffle

  • Spaghetti ai 5 pomodori 12

    Homemade spaghetti, five types of tomatoes, basil, parmesan cheese

  • Gnocchetti al ragù di mare 16

    Potato gnocchi, white seafood ragout, zucchini, basil pesto

  • Tiramisu 7

    Classic recipe

  • Baba al rum, crema chantilly 6

    Rum baba, chantilly cream

  • Gelati 6

    Our selection


Nieuwe Doelenstraat 12-14
1012 CP Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 531 1834


Friday and Saturday
12.00 – 15.00 (pranzo)
18:00 – 23:00 (cena)